HTC One M7 Now Running On Android 5.0! – Autoomobile

The company is also developing the upcoming Android M firmware.


“We have received joyous news for all owners of LG G2 directly from Korea”, reports (machine translated).

When the Android 5.1.1 arrives, it will show a notification. Now, the post mentions the country of Korea and as we all know, each regional branch has their own say as to whether or not a device will receive the latest Android update.

If you are using the HTC One M7, there is now a way for you to enjoy the Android 5.0 Lollipop.

As for those who are still waiting for the update, they can manually check if it’s already available through the device’s Settings menu.

GeekSnack reported through an insider that HTC may be ending all support for the One M7.

So, a significant One M7 update is looking very unlikely at the moment.

This is unusual news as there is news that Samsung is set to release the Android Lollipop updates for both smartphones in Denmark and Poland.

This particularly applies to users of these devices in the United Kingdom, as we have learned that the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 Android Lollipop update is being denied for some.

The update is on the large-side, coming in just under 800MB for those with the M9 developer edition bringing it to software version 2.6.651.11.


Currently, the update is only being rolled out in selected regions such as Dubai. There doesn’t appear to be any verification of an Android 5.1 rollout accessible at all, honestly, as said by Android Origin. Since the last few weeks, the Samsung Galaxy S6 (single-SIM variant) has been receiving the latest update, depending on the carrier and also the region where it’s located. However, those of you sporting a carrier-branded version might have a longer wait ahead of you, as it is often customary.

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