Hungarian PM: ‘Not fair’ Israel, USA not absorbing refugees

Orban said on state radio that “we don’t consider what the Croatian prime minister says to be the opinion of the Croatian people“.


Additionally, the Czech Republic is seemingly not happy as the European Union attempts to deal with the problem. He did not go into details but said the Commission would lay out its concerns in a letter to Hungary by the end of this week.

Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka says his country is opposing any large European Union plan for a permanent compulsory redistribution of asylum-seekers among the bloc’s 28 nations. As migration policies around Europe and North America become more exclusionary and rates of criminalization and detention are on the rise, this proposal reinforces the division between deserving and undeserving and between refugees and so-called bogus economic migrants.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has already thrown up a fence to shut down the migrant route over Hungary’s southern border with Serbia, said last week the closure was imminent, and speculation is rife that it might follow his return from the United Nations General Assembly in New York. “No government would be able to change such a mechanism in the future”, FoxNews/AP cited Sobotka as saying during a Parliamentary on Thursday.

The laws, introduced on September 21, make it a crime to cross Hungary’s border illegally or damage the country’s new anti-migration razor-wire fence.

Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec said Friday the matter of Czech help with border control in Hungary would be discussed October 8 at a meeting with his counterparts from Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Meanwhile German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere repeated calls to limit the number of refugees coming into Europe. They have acknowledged that a few of these accommodations aren’t very good, but that nothing else can be done presently. But, he said: “there is no other way at the moment”.

More than 280,000 migrants fleeing conflict and poverty in the Middle East, Asia and Africa have passed through Hungary in central Europe this year so far, almost all seeking sanctuary in the wealthier countries of the western EU.

“We felt that Christian people could not remain silent in this situation,” he said over the phone.

The majority of illegal border crossers, 4,171, who were registered by police involved the Croatian-Hungarian border, while 83 illegal border crossings were registered at the Serbian-Hungarian border, where Hungary has built a fence as a “temporary measure” to prevent asylum seekers from entering the country.


The migrant and refugee tide is not expected to slow amid fears of worsening weather conditions as winter approaches.

Hungarian police officers patrol the area at the temporary border fence positioned at the green border between Hungary and Croatia at Zakany 234 km southwest of Budapest Hungary Wednesday Sept. 30 2015