Hungary frets over fallout of VW scandal on local factories

It’s interesting to see how such a large number of cars contained software which could be used to trick emissions testers, and how he supposedly has no knowledge of this whatsoever. This may mean that the 2015 Audi A4 and Q5 could be cheating too.


Volkswagen announced that it would recall 11 million diesel cars worldwide and released Tuesday an action plan to address the scandal, promising that it will “correct the emissions characteristics of diesel vehicles” in which illegal software was installed.

Skoda Auto employs more than 24,600 people in its three Czech factories and made more than 735,000 cars previous year.

PARIS, Sept 30 France has launched a probe into whether Volkswagen cheated on vehicle emissions in France as it did in the United States, a source close to the French Economy Ministry said on Wednesday.

SIVA, which represents several brands in Portugal including Skoda and Audi, said in an official statement on its website that cars equipped with Euro 5 motors will be affected.


In Central Europe, Volkswagen also has production sites in Slovakia and Poland.

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