Hungary shuts border to save “Christian values”

After attempts to send the train back to Croatia, the migrants were relocated to the center of the country, to await a decision on their fate.


CNN’s Ivan Watson witnessed a Croatian police officer greeting migrants by saying, “Come on guys, don’t be scared”, before they climbed into a waiting police van.

In Croatia, 5,000 migrants have arrived in the country since Hungary imposed its crackdown, which included the building of a huge wall created to keep migrants out.

Croatia said it was considering new measures to cope with the inflow.

The United Nations refugee agency warned Friday of a “buildup” of migrants in Serbia as its neighbors tightened their borders.

The refugees have started taking the Croatian border after Hungary sealed off its southern border with Serbia on Tuesday.

“Our capacity is absolutely full, we are asking from them that all the countries on the way, on the route – that means Greece, Macedonia and Serbia – they have to respect all contracts, all memorandums, all conventions”. “Our parents are in a refugee camp in Turkey”, he says.

Hundreds of refugees and migrants can be seen stranded on the Hungarian border in this aerial footage shot on September 15, a day after authorities closed a gap in a security fence used to cross the Serbian border. Hundreds of soldiers and police have been deployed to the area. “And I’d also like to make it very clear, no matter what criticism I receive, that we will never allow such aggressive people to enter Hungary”, he added.

Angry police try to control thousands of exhausted refugees sitting on grass fields and crowding patrol stations along the road of this Croatian border town of Beli Manestir.

According to the latest data available on Friday morning, since Wednesday more than 13,000 migrants and refugees from the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, traveling on the so-called Balkan Route entered Croatia on their way to Western Europe.

German police also said 4,000 migrants yesterday crossed the border with Austria.

UNHCR Spokesman, Babar Baloch: “What can solve this problem (is) Europe coming together, countries should stop tossing up these refugees, closing one border then them reappearing at a different border point, they need to have a European solution”.

“Instead of helping people, Croatia is encouraging masses and masses of people to commit a criminal offence – illegal crossing of the border is a criminal offence”, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told reporters in the Serbian capital Belgrade.


The so-called Dublin laws on asylum call for claimants to be registered in the first country they enter in the EU.

Migrants are prevented from boarding a bus by riot police at the border between Serbia and Croatia on Thursday. AP