Hurricane Danny strengthens into Category 3 storm

A turn to the west with an increase in forward speed is expected later today.


The current El Niño weather phenomenon is one of the factors behind the expected tame hurricane season. For comparison, the average radius of tropical storm force winds for an Atlantic hurricane is 150 miles.

There are interests in the Virgin Islands and the Leeward Islands which will monitor this hurricane’s progress as well. It is expected to drop between 2 to 4 inches of rain on the islands through Monday.

Stay with KPLC for updates on Danny and everything related to our weather here in SWLA. On Saturday morning, the hurricane did not appear to have such a clearly defined eyewall. Its hurricane force winds only extend about 15 miles from the center, with tropical storm force winds extending out about 70 miles.

Danny has a fantastic structure, but to what extent can it survive a path through a “river” of dry air?

Since the flight, Danny’s central eye has disappeared from satellite imagery, and the storm’s shape seems to have been affected by southwesterly vertical wind shear, Beven said. “Sometimes viewers tend to look at the forecast track online, although that’s not necessarily the track it will take, which is why we have the predicted cone”. The biggest obstacle will be the island of Hispaniola with mountain peaks in excess of 10,000 feet. Tropical systems are typically weakened when they interact with terrain like that.

The storm is moving into an area of unfavorable winds which will likely weaken the system.

One day after the photo of Hurricane Bill was taken, on August . 18, 2009, the storm was upgraded to a category 4.

“Wind shear is when strong winds near the surface and aloft blow strongly from different directions”, stated AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski. In fact, it’s possible that in five days, Danny will have dissipated entirely.

After investigation by a NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft, Hurricane Danny has been confirmed to be a major hurricane.

Still, the storm exceeded many forecasters’ expectations by gaining strength at all.

Danny is the first hurricane and the first major hurricane of the 2015 Atlantic season. The NHC said that system is becoming better organized since Friday.


As of Saturday, Hurricane Danny remains no threat to the Gulf Coast.

Hurricane Danny heads toward Puerto Rico