Husband Surprises Wife With Pregnancy News

According to the video he posted on his official YouTube channel wife Nia has a habit of going to the toilet late at night and not flushing so she would not wake her two children up.


He shares the pregnancy test with his wife – and she still doesn’t believe him!

Sam had an enormous shock for his spouse Nia.

The first question I can hear rolling around in your collective minds is, “How in the world could he know for a fact that his wife is pregnant before she knows?”

Nia had told Sam that she suspected she might be pregnant, so Sam decided to do some detective work and managed to steal a urine sample from her. Long before his wife did, too.

Sam obtained a dropper of fluid from the bathroom, dripped it on the being pregnant check and, properly, we’ll allow you to see his response and what unfolded afterward for your self. The video introduces Nia next, while she is having breakfast with her two young girls.

In this awesome viral video from YouTubers Sam and Nia, Sam surprises Nia with news that they’re expecting.

To be extra safe the test wasn’t incorrect due to water dilution from the toilet, Nia takes a second test at the end of the video and finds out she is indeed pregnant.


Yes, you read that correct – he broke the baby news, not the other way round.

Pregnant Nia seems baffled but is beaming when she realises it isn't a joke