‘I believe in the Bible’: Trump courts Christian right

“Well, you know, she was released and that was good, and it was too bad that she had to be put in jail, and I’m a very, very strong believer in Christianity and religion, but I will say that this was not the right job for her”, he said.


“See, I’m better than you thought”, Trump reportedly joked to the crowd, adding in reference to the photo: “Nobody believes this, What went wrong?”

Trump turned down the initial invitation to the Values Voter Summit, and Tony Perkins, the head of the group hosting the event, responded with some tough words. Trump persisted, chiding the Florida senator for abandoning his effort to promote comprehensive immigration reform once his poll number began to fall. “I’m a Christian”, said Trump.

Donald Trump is courting a wing of the Republican Party that might seem antithetical to his brand: evangelical Christians. But I want to remind you of something. “Look, we need people that can support us”.

Donald Trump is not a politician”, said David Bossie, president of Citizens United, who introduced the speaker. Trump has frequently made reference to attacks on Christians overseas and said that he will be a champion for religious liberty, including defending Christmas.

For those who think Trump has won over the evangelical vote, the driving question behind their writing has been how an “immodest, arrogant, foul-mouthed, money-obsessed, thrice-married, and until recently, pro-choice” candidate ever gained such traction among religious conservatives.

“He’s like the wooden spoon you put in the stew pot that stirred up all the bottom, because they were all just sitting there”, said Barbara Eller, who traveled from Vienna, Va., to attend the summit.


In an interview with CBS’ “60 Minutes” that will be broadcast Sunday, the billionaire businessman says he won’t be stopped by deals such as the North American Free Trade Agreement if elected president. “And he came in, and everybody got excited”. The Family Research Council presumably told Donald Trump that their event was dedicated to putting God back in the Oval Office, but Trump apparently didn’t get the memo that when they said “God”, they didn’t mean him. One woman positioned herself outside his shiny black SUV as he climbed inside.

Donald Trump holds up a bible his mother gave him as a child as he speaks at the Values Voter Summit on Sept. 25 2015 in Washington