‘I keep whining and whining until I win’

“Donald Trump and I spoke today”.


And while Trump also leads in another new poll out of New Mampshire with 19-percent, that’s a 13-point drop from before the debate, with major attrition among women.

That was only made worse when he talked about “blood coming out of her… wherever”, in a Friday interview with Don Lemon on CNN, a comment that many saw as misogynistic.

But the feud between Trump and Fox News, one of the most powerful voices in Republican and conservative circles, appeared to thaw Monday after the network’s chairman, Roger Ailes, reached out to Trump directly to clear the air.

“Hillary Clinton holds radical views on abortion that we look forward to exposing in the months to come”, Rubio said in a statement just a few hours after he was singled out by the Democratic frontrunner. “According to two high-level Fox sources, Ailes’s diplomacy was the result of increasing concern inside Fox News that Trump could damage the network”. He also said in post-debate interviews Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes” or “wherever”, a remark people found sexist and offensive until he later insisted he was referring to Kelly’s nose.

“Yesterday, I called Megyn Kelly to personally not apologize”, said Fallon as Trump.

“I assured him that we will continue to cover this campaign with fairness and balance”. “Blood coming out of her wherever”, he said, before insisting he simply meant she was “very angry”. Following last week’s GOP debate, Trump seemed to suggest host Megyn Kelly, whose questioning he didn’t particularly like, was on her period. “I’m leading all over the place and I want to run as a Republican“, he told CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

In a brand-new poll out of Iowa, Trump pulls 17-percent, good enough for first place, but down 14 points from the last pre-debate poll.

Trump never apologized, but he clearly hasn’t given up on the female vote.

“Trump” had a lot more to say about his desire to have a foursome with Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Nick Minaj and his love of Fat Tony’s “big greasy sausage”.

Not everyone in New Hampshire is impressed by Trump’s recent comments, especially those about Megyn Kelly, comments the chair of the state’s Republican party calls “demeaning and disrespectful”.


Once again, Donald Trump was pronounced dead as the entire Beltway Right joined forces to drive him out of the party. “That’s what I’m doing”, he said.

Women come after Donald Trump for mocking Megyan Kelly at the GOP debate