I’m coming: Chris Brown tells fans

Dutton told Brown he has 28 days to appeal this decision, but for now the singer’s Australian tickets have been taken off sale. But Minister for Women Michaelia Cash has already spoken out that Brown is “not of the character that we expect in Australia“.


The recent move of Australia to ban the rapper from entering the country supports the government’s protest on violence against women.

Brown will need to get special authorization to enter New Zealand, however considering that rapper Tyler the Creator was banned from NZ past year for his lyrics, I would say this outcome is not likely. His team also dismissed the allegations that his visa has been denied.

Ms O’Brien, who will be addressing the Australian Psychological Association’s annual conference on the Gold Coast this week, said domestic violence victims are at greatest risk during the 24-hour period when they chose to leave their abusive partner.

The GetUp! petition, entitled “No Chris Brown“. Under Australian migration laws, anyone with a prison sentence of 12 months or more, including a probationary sentence, can be denied entry into Australia. His application for entry was under review due to the 2009 assault conviction for attacking then-girlfriend Rihanna.

However, Clem Bastow of Daily Life has noted that Get!Up isn’t consistent in their campaigns against individuals or groups with a history of domestic violence. Ozzy Osbourne even admitted to “trying to kill his wife”. “Consider this against any and all perpetrators of violence – with the hope that Chris Brown’s example will enforce precedent of sticking to character test guidelines in future”, Cooke said.

Speaking to the media about his new $41 million domestic violence package on Thursday, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull found himself being questioned about Chris’s upcoming tour appearances Down Under. “This request is now being considered by the office of the immigration minister”, a spokeswoman said.


Turnbull went to add, “The American singer Chris Brown strangled and beat up his then girlfriend Rihanna, he is set to visit Australia in December, but isn’t allowed to enter New Zealand, why should he be allowed to enter the country?”

Chris Brown could miss Australian tour because of DV past