‘I’m Ronnie Pickering’: Driver fumes in road rant

It probably means the name ‘Ronnie Pickering” will go the same way as “Leeroy Jenkins’.


Do you know who he is?

At one point in the argument, the driver shouts over his lowered window:

“Do you know who I am?”

The vehicle driver then roars past him on the opposite lane, screeching to a halt in front inches before his moped.

The driver then follows him and beeps his horn again as the motorcyclist waits for a gap in traffic to turn right across a busy road.

“Ronnie Pickering”, the motorist replies.

Apparently confused by the question, the moped rider replies: “What?”

And it turns out the bemused moped driver is not the only one who has never heard of his new nemesis. However, Mr Pickering does not want to drop the issue, shouting “I’ll put you in a f***ing infirmary, you c***!”

“Oh, well. Brilliant!” says the exasperated motorcyclist, before asking: “You someone famous, are you?”

The footage ends with both Mr Pickering and the moped rider driving away without coming to blows.

As the row culminates with requests from Mr Pickering for a “bare-knuckled fight”, a woman is seen sitting passively in the passenger seat.

Seeing that the scooter driver has no idea who he is, the raging motorist says “f****** find out then”.

Now the argument continues over Ronnie Pickering’s passenger, who sits silently with her head down. Ronnie Pickering bellows out the window.

Public Facebook posts and a YouTube channel in his name show he is a big fan of fishing, as well as playing poker and going on cruise holidays.

The confrontation continues until the motorcyclist says he’ll be uploading the video to YouTube.


The original video of the road-rage incident involving Ronnie Pickering was posted to YouTube by user Steve Midz.

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