I Was Sceptical to Sign ‘Quantico’: Priyanka Chopra

In the last 18 hours, ever since the pilot episode of the ABC series premiered, tweets from East and West Coast-ers have flooded the micro-blogging site, several of them singling out Priyanka for praise. Alex lied to her mother to go to Quantico.


With all the public interest in shows about secret agents and law enforcement types, ABC attempts to show us what it’s like for the most recent trainees of the FBI Academy, “Quantico“.

It’s a lot to keep track of – even moreso for the show’s writers. A Bollywood actress and former beauty pageant queen, she’s played versatile characters with great depth in her Hindi films, including a take-no-prisoners champion boxer in the true story Mary Kom and an autistic woman in Barfi! She’s everything I would want to be as a girl and yet at the same time, she’s super-feminine. But a show which does that every week is opening itself up to ridicule.

This is some job you’ve laid out for yourself. “I wanted to be a part of that revolution in a way”.

This is another series that I used to watch religiously, but lost interest in early in Season 3, when the gang went off to Neverland to rescue Henry after he was captured by Peter Pan. Both are perfectly fine things to say to someone you only intend to have sex with and never see again, which is exactly what Parrish and Booth do in his vehicle just outside of the airport after landing. The one man who has seen it all is Dr. Al Robbins, the coroner played by Robert David Hall. That struggle informed the character of Alex. The series premiere of Quantico 2015 started off with a look at the aftermath of an explosion and then a rewind in time to nine months prior to the explosion.

We’ve exulted when people like Parminder Nagra (ER), Anil Kapoor (24) and Nimrat Kaur (Homeland) got tiny roles in big shows. But it’s incredibly challenging.

Are you as obsessed with Quantico as we are? Kerry rooted for Priyanka on Twitter: After the party in May, Priyanka told The Hollywood Reporter, “We practically ran toward each other”. Where institutions like the military and other agencies tend to foster an unfortunate competitiveness, even backstabbing among the few women vying for respect, Quantico seems to move beyond this. At the time she was cast on “Quantico”, Chopra was under a talent holding deal with ABC, guaranteeing that she would be cast in one of the network’s new projects for the fall TV season. Sufficient as flashbacks, the Quantico scenes are not compelling enough to produce an excellent show of their own.

That’s interesting, because How to Get Away With Murder came in for some criticism previous year when its future story got a little bit static. “Before I pitch anything I try to know the whole season and have an idea for the next two”. It turns out that one of her batch mate is suspected to be the terrorist.

It should not feel that way. I’d definitely want her in my corner! It supposes the KGB’s use of twins during the Cold War, and I was always very inspired by that play….

Anyway, the recruits take on their investigation assignment during a training montage – and throughout, Mormon Eric Packer is taunted by fellow recruit Caleb Haas, a blonde “golden boy” whom his classmates suspect got in via connections, since he’s not particularly good at anything (they’re right). Yasmine has informed a lot of that as well.


By the end of the premiere, Alex and the viewer will learn there is considerably more to the story. It’s all connected. In a weird way this show probably would benefit from binge-watching….

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