IAEA Disturbed at Media Misunderstanding Over Iran Inspection Procedures

A few hours after AP released the initial details of the agreement, a revised report emerged overwriting some of the more troubling issues pertaining to the inspection of Parchin.


Amano noted that, while the side deal is confidential, “I can state that the arrangements are technically sound and consistent with our long-established practices”. They don’t compromise our safeguards requirements in any approach.

“The idea that we can get a better deal by talking tough or squeezing Iran into submission with more sanctions is simply not realistic”, he wrote.

The Obama administration’s main focus in the broader Iran deal – signed by the U.S., Iran, Britain, France, Germany, Russian Federation and China – is crimping Iran’s present nuclear activities so they can not be used in the future toward making a bomb. “This is a unsafe farce”, said Chairman of the House Committee for Foreign Affairs, Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA). “Period”.

But they would need at least 13 Democrats in the Senate and 44 Democrats in the House to join them in order to override a presidential veto, and Obama has declared in no uncertain terms that he will employ his veto pen against any attempts to kill the landmark deal.

“The president’s veto would be sustained” if the vote were held today, Pelosi said, adding she hoped it would not come to such a confrontation.

One Vienna-based diplomat said he was confident the IAEA would carry out its work on Iran effectively. He demanded anonymity because he isn’t authorized to discuss the issue. The deal on Parchin was between the IAEA and Iran.

Olli Heinonen, who was in charge of the Iran probe as deputy director general of the nuclear agency from 2005-10, said he could think of no similar concession with any other country. “That, in addition, this is one more step in trying to make sure we take every option before we put our servicemembers in harm’s way”.

For instance, the news agency removed from its report the claim that it was Iranian scientists themselves who would be inspecting the air and soil samples at Parchin, rather than UN inspectors.

And 6-in-10 Americans also disapprove of President Barack Obama’s handling of the U.S. relationship with Iran, according to the poll.

Iran will provide to the Agency videos of the locations, including those identified in paragraph 3 below, which would be mutually agreed between Iran and the Agency, taking into account military concerns. That reflects the significance Tehran attaches to the agreement.

The IAEA, which says it takes no information at face value, has repeatedly asked for fresh, direct access to Parchin.

The side agreement allows Iran to use its own experts to search for evidence of activity that it has denied exists: developing a nuclear weapon.

“The simplest way to say it is, if I was in Congress, I would support the president’s initiative”, Emanuel told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Just 12 of the House’s 188 Democrats have publicly rejected the deal, largely placing attention on the Senate.


On Wednesday, media reports stated that IAEA and Iran had a secret agreement, allowing Tehran to investigate and report on its controversial Parchin site.

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