Ice-T to be a dad again

The 57-year-old rapper has two children from a previous relationship, but this would be the first child for Austin.


In June, his grandson Elyjah Marrow, 20, was indicted on charges relating to the alleged shooting and killing of his roommate.

The couple is expecting their first child together, sources tell TMZ.

The pair, who recently revealed details about their new daily talk show, Ice and Coco, which will premiere on Fox channels on Monday, August 3, have another, even more exciting new project in the works!

This said, it’s no wonder that both media outlets mentioned above use “at last” and “finally” to describe the pregnancy: Coco has been dreaming of starting her own family with Ice for a very long time, and she’s getting to see her dream come true now. “I want to have something I gave birth to early in life and be like, ‘You can help me out now!'”.

Ice-T made it clear that he was leaving the decision up to Coco. “She puts in the order and I can do the deed”. In the end, she got her way, after 15 years of marriage. I cook, I clean, I’ll be washing the vehicle… heels.

At least some fans think Coco will be a great mom without any changes to her racy image.


Controversy soon followed over the song, Cop Killer, which Ice-T’s label originally refused to release because of its violent lyrics.

Ice T and Coco are expecting a baby