If Corbyn becomes PM, move to China, says Lord Sugar

Lord Sugar has launched an explosive attack on embattled Jeremy Corbyn – claiming “we should all move to China” should the Labour leader be elected as Prime Minister. “The problems of this world are not huge wars in that way, the problems are much more from fairly random acts of terrorism”.


Although Trident is often described as a “British independent nuclear deterrent“, in reality the United States make the missiles, maintain them and provide the satellite intelligence required to target them.

With a shadow Cabinet row raging over Corbyn’s position on Trident, the big question is how Watson – the only other person in the party with a personal mandate – will use his deputy leadership. Asked by BBC radio if he would ever use nuclear weapons, he replied: “No”.

“That is eight countries out of 192”.

The Islington MP is trying to dispel worries raised by ex-Scottish leader Johann Lamont, who branded the operation a “branch office” with senior figures in Westminster pulling the strings.

“Jeremy Corbyn needs to be straight with the people of Scotland – will Labour oppose Trident nuclear weapons on our shores, or simply allow the Tories to go ahead with this outdated and unwanted project?”

Of his economic policy, one participant said: “He painted a nice rosy picture without giving too much detail of how it is going to be done”. I would have liked to see an acknowledgment that we’ve just suffered another catastrophic electoral defeat, an honest and accurate analysis of why that happened and what we need to do to win in 2020.

Referring to Mr Khan and Mr Corbyn, he added: “I don’t know the fellow and what he stands for but certainly if you want the market to stop then you’ve got Batman and Robin in those two“.

Jeremy Corbyn has insisted there is “no question” of him usurping Scottish Labour’s new leader. “It started off everybody was quite polarised, either those who think its the end of the party or those who are incredibly excited and energised”, she said.

None of the current candidates inspired me and I believe we lost the chance of a great leader when the union vote helped Ed Miliband became leader instead of his brother David. There also has to be a cutting off of the funds and the arms that Isil are using, there has to be a ceasefire amongst the other forces within Syria.


Corbyn’s shadow defense secretary Maria Eagle said the words were “not helpful” and his shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn said the leader should abide by the party’s policy on the Trident nuclear program.

Jeremy Corbyn