In blow to Trump, Deez Nuts endorses Kasich and Sanders in primaries

“What am I trying to do in this campaign is to tell Americans what many of them don’t know: that the benefits for working people are a lot, lot stronger in many other countries around the world”, he says. Sanders discussed expanding social security, health care, and lowering unemployment. They were all proud Democrats, and he just as proudly wasn’t.


Ann Tupiak, 41, of Mauldin said she considered herself socially conservative – she voted for George W. Bush twice and would prefer it if Sanders opposed abortion – but she supports the independent’s economic and environmental policies, including his denunciation of the role that money has come to play in driving politics.

Nuts – revealed this week to be 15-year-old Brady Olson, of Iowa, who filed with the Federal Elections Commission last month to run for president of the United States – announced on Facebook Friday that he supports Sanders and Kasich for the Democratic and Republican nominations, respectively. When Sanders returned to his seat afterward, a woman slapped him in the face.

Singletary, who went on to help organize for Obama in Georgia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina in both 2008 and 2012, thinks South Carolina could do the same for Sanders – help put his long-shot campaign on the map and once again disprove the handicappers who say Clinton has a lock on the black vote.

The people “understand in their gut that corporate greed is destroying our country”, Sanders said. It’s a particularly conspicuous jab since Haley has been mentioned as a possible Republican vice presidential candidate, with Medicaid a hot topic on both sides of the campaign trail.

It’s a balancing act Sanders has been practicing for at least 25 years. Cillizza writes, “But, crowds are at some level an indicator of organic energy-it is after all how it became clear in 2006 and 2007 that something major was happening with Obama”. He began his career on the anti-war Liberty Union Party’s ticket, a perennial gadfly candidate for governor and senator.

In this regard, Bernie Sanders is the flawless candidate – an honest, open socialist as opposed to a lying dishonest one.

The lines started forming hours in advance of the 11am rally. And they were not much more diverse, even though African Americans account for half of the Democratic primary voters in the Palmetto State. He’s expected to meet privately with black leaders while in the state. Patrick Leahy sat out the race. In seeking to push Sanders’ campaign to the Left, Johnson and Willaford were able to demystify the myth of the white liberal saint. Asked whether he thought his endorsement would make a difference one way or another: “Not really“.


In requesting what he called a “favor”, Sanders emphasized that he had backed the Democratic nominees for president in 1984 and 1988, and Leahy for Senate in 1986. On the other hand, Black Lives Matter is pretty sure that Sanders has no earthly notion about what the issues that animate it, mainly the numbers of African-American youths being killed by police officers. “I believe with work it can be done”, Singletary said.

Thirdparty candidate “Deez Nuts” is using his newfound fame to give a shoutout to Bernie Sanders