Independent BC candidate gives voters what they want – dragons, aliens and

An independent candidate running in the federal election has released what could be the most amazing/bizarre campaign video ever.


An independent candidate in rural British Columbia is drawing attention for his Hollywood-style campaign video.

Scott, who’s running in the new riding of Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon, begins his campaign ad by introducing himself from atop a soaring goose.

Despite his robot fighting and goose riding abilities, Scott admits his chances of getting elected are low.

“Change is coming to Canada, and I’m here to lead that charge”, he says in front of a waving Canada flag, just before he turns to blast a giant killer robot with his heat-vision.

During his narration, there is someone singing an odd, off-tune version of O Canada in the background.

Despite the fun video, he says he’s serious about his platform. “Services like health care and social programs should be expanded, not cut…”

“University is too damn expensive”.

“The indigenous people aren’t even protected by their own government”. From his eyes. He also fist-bumps an alien, slays a dragon with a massive Conan the Barbarian sword, grows a beard with a shake of his head, and yells his name to great effect.


Now the video is gaining instant popularity online, and has been viewed more than 16-thousand times in less than 24 hours.

B.C. federal candidate rides a goose, kills a dragon in campaign video