India is very important in Facebook’s history: Zuckerberg

The result has helped bridge the divide between politicians and their constituents.


“Now it is time for us to collectively empower people from all over the world“, Nadella said, adding that Micosoft intended to partner individual states, and tech companies in this regard.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today broke down and got emotional while talking about the sacrifices his mother made as he grew up. While many of those questions remained unanswered, Modi highlighted India’s economic prowess and the importance of social media.

Points touched on by Modi during the exchange included the hope of connecting all of India’s villages to the Internet with fiber optic cable, and the mighty challenge of attaining equality for women in India.

Modi’s trip to the West Coast is the first for an Indian prime minister in 33 years. He also met with Google’s new CEO, Sundar Pichai, as well as Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, both Indians. Also Modi will not take questions from audience and even facebook employess will not be asking any questions from Modi.

Before the townhall began, Modi and Zuckerberg had a one-on-one meeting.

Modi’s visit comes less than a week after Chinese President Xi Jinping met with numerous same USA tech executives in Seattle.

Analysts say these events mark a recognition among world leaders of the technology industry’s influence and power.

Within minutes, Modi also changed his profile picture to thank him.

“India under the prime minister’s leadership is moving in the right direction with “Digital India”, Jacobs said, announcing an immediate investment of $1.5 million for innovation labs in the country.

Q. Do you think it has become easier in the last 15 months to do business in India?, Facebook’s plan to bring free Internet access to developing countries with limited connectivity, is a big part of that strategy.

“Our start-ups represent not just commercial success stories, but are powerful examples of social innovation”, he said, adding that pace at which people in India are taking to digital technology defies stereotypes of age, education, language and income.

Facebook is already playing an important role in India.

Standing on a podium that turned slowly so that he could address everyone present, he said the brain drain that we discussed for many years has now actually become brain gain. “When we were young, what we did to get by… we went to our neighbours’ houses nearby (to) clean dishes, fill water, do hard chores”.


“All those who are familiar with India, if you look all over the world you’ll see civilisation has generally developed and settled along rivers”, Mr Modi said.

Bhagat Singh