India Not Serious To Hold Talks On Kashmir Issue: Maleeha

The UN was once touted to even-handedly address the problems faced by all Nations of the world – be they big or small. He said during the Composite Dialogue process the two countries held talks simultaneously on 8 different areas, “but now they [India] are only stuck on terrorism”.


“To de-militarize Kashmir is not the answer, to de-terrorize Pakistan is”. Various efforts from Pakistan side had been turned down by india including follow up on agreements on various world forum.

At the same time, he insisted that “consultations with Kashmiris, who are an integral part of the dispute, are essential to evolving a peaceful solution”.

The dossier, a set of three documents titled India’s interference and support to terrorism in Balochistan, FATA through TTP and in Karachi, was handed over to the Chief of Staff Susana Malcorra by Pakistan’s ambassador the United Nations Dr Maleeha Lodhi. This obviously was meant for India.

“The heart of the matter is a state that regards the use of terrorism as a legitimate instrument of statecraft”, Singh said.

The diplomat reminded the UN Secretaty Generals’ good office that Pakistan’s commitment, and its role and sacrifice in the fight against terrorism, including the success of our ongoing counter-terrorism operations, have been acknowledged and praised by the entire worldwide community. She also exhorted Pakistan to give up terrorism.

Ms Swaraj said worldwide terrorism could only be defeated by organized global action. However, it is not in India’s interest for a civilian government in Pakistan to be so weakened. It was hard to reconcile different perceptions. “It’s our hope that the PMLN will succeed in upcoming challenges”. But post-election, the Sharm-el Sheikh meeting saw India agree to the damaging insertion of a reference to Baluchistan in the statement.

“Cooperation, not confrontation, should define our relationship”, Sharif said while underlining the “primacy and urgency” of addressing the issues of Kashmir and peace and security between India and Pakistan. “This was precisely what was discussed and decided by the two Prime Ministers at Ufa this July”, she asserted at the annual General Debate, referring to the proposal presented by Pakistan yesterday.

“As a woman and an elected Member of Parliament, it has been my firm conviction that there is a shortcut to real social change – empowering the girl child”, she said and spoke about the Modi government’s policy of Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao (Educate the Girl Child to empower her).

He said despite “India’s hostile attitude”, Pakistan wants to move forward in an open and constructive manner. Emotions and sentiments have no place in the security strategy.

For now, Pakistan has offered India a chance to resolve issues. “Pakistan is accountable and Pakistan needs to be taken to task”.

It alleged that India was using the “terrorism bogey” to stall dialogue. Pakistan’s emergence as the epicentre had already been noted.


Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs (MoS) Jitender Singh, who represent Jammu and Kashmir’s Udhampur in the Lok Sabha, today pointed that residents of Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir have been suppressed and tortured by Islamabad since 1947. More information has now become available. But as representative of Jammu and Kashmir, I can say that there is a common opinion that people on PoK are being deliberately oppressed in comparison to other provinces of Pakistan. There are no democratic rights for the people there. There had been instances and evidence of human right violation in PoK. India’s approach should be sustained to ensure the focus of worldwide Community on PoK rather than J&K, which had been receiving undue attention due to Pak propaganda.

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