Injuries slowing some Cowboys in race to replace Murray

There are voices from within the organization suggesting that the Cowboys should take another look at the free agency market and pluck a running back who isn’t such a huge injury risk. Joseph Randle leads the way for now but he is unproven, and free agent veteran addition Darren McFadden could already be on thin ice.


Murray took his talents to Philadelphia and rightfully so given the fact that Stephen Jones was somehow able to convince his father, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, that it would be in the best interest of the team to let Murray walk and start anew. But steady production while pounding through the tackles with a heavy workload, a la Murray, is a much different task for Randle, who delivered such bursts as a fresh backup previous year.

“These guys have stepped up and shown some flashes that we’re pretty excited about. He explained it and we got our arms around it. We believe that we can help people grow to be the kind of players and people we want them to be”. You got to give the opportunity to see.

The other two backs in camp, Lache Seastrunk and rookie Gus Johnson, have never played in an NFL game.

On the heels of reports that the Dallas Cowboys are growing just a little bit frustrated with Darren McFadden’s inability to get on the field as he deals with the latest in what’s been a career rife with hamstring injuries, we learn that McFadden could get on the field very soon. These issues seem to be flaring up again in Dallas, though McFadden did recently indicate that he could be ready by Saturday. “It’s one of those things where the trainers want to make sure I can put a couple of days back to back before they throw me back out there. No soreness or swelling the next day, so definitely a good sign for me”. McFadden did play in all 16 games last season but looked bad, rushing for just 534 yards.


If the team is to build on last year’s performance and an aging Romo is to again perform well, the running game will have to feature prominently in the Cowboys attack.

Darren McFadden