Insider Reports: Next iPad to Sport Retina Display of iPad Mini

According to a recent report in Wall Street Journal, Apple is going to use the same revolutionary retina display technology for the design of display of its next iPad that it has used earlier in iPad Mini to make it so small and compact. It is going to be the 5th generation iPad but instead of increase in size, it is expected to grow thinner and lighter with Apple deciding in favor of the same touch sensor that it used in its iPad Mini last year. If you recall, all full size iPad’s have had GF technology employed in their display systems till now. But starting with iPad 5, Apple will employ GF2 to allow it to make the device more compact and lighter than its predecessors. Another benefit that accrues is in terms of battery size as the devices eats up lesser energy.



Despite keeping the display size around 9.7 inches, Apple strives to make its iPad 5 thinner and smaller. This is sought toipad-mini-retina-iphone-5s-2 be achieved with thinner bezel along the sides to allow the company to make a compact panel. There are also reports of stereo speakers being fitted inside the next generation iPad. There have been many leaks on the design of the new iPad to let people know that it is going to be very similar to Apple’s iPad Mini. All reports indicate launch in September 2013 but we will have to keep our fingers crossed to wait and see if it is indeed made available on the shelves this September.


If we go by insider reports, the screens of the new iPad are already being manufactured by an Asian company by the name of Nitto Denko Corp. This company has already doubled up its production capacity to fulfill the requirements of Apple. While the full sized iPad till now had a glass screen, it will sport a film based screen in the new iPad 5 which will mimic its already popular iPad Mini. The success of Mini it is that has prompted the company to think of transferring the technology on to a larger sibling of Mini.



ipad-mini-black3While the 3rd and 4th generation of iPad models were heavier and thicker than the first two iPad models because of the introduction of retina display, the new iPad, Apple had no choice but to think of lighter and compacter iPad models to stay ahead of the competition as the tablets made by rival companies like Samsung and HTC becoming thinner and lighter to woo the masses. To lure new customers to this new iPad, Apple is planning to keep its price at the same level as its 4th generation iPad while introducing new and exciting features in it. While there is improvement in terms of size and weight, the new iPad will also have a longer battery life and a faster processor in the same price range as its predecessor. 10th of September has been kept as the launch date of the new iPad.