Insistent Ben Carson Tells Whoopi That Hitler Really Could Happen Here

The Carson campaign did not immediately return a request for comment. “And I would be talking to Putin and he needs to understand that if he continues with this activity we are going to use all the facilities that we have available to us, including financial facilities to inflict pain on him“, he said.


“It meant something to me-I felt like he was a guy who made it”, he said.

“The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) held a public press conference demanding that I withdraw from the presidential race”, Carson observed in an email announcing a petition to remove CAIR’s tax-exempt status, according to The Hill.

Given sentiments such as these, Kilmeade asked, “Would you still go?” Carson, who also ran a scholarship fund for inner-city students, later came to his school for a visit.

In my case, I spent my entire career, trying to preserve life and give people quality of life, even operating on babies in the womb. Personally, I would feel much more comfortable if Ben Carson retreated to an Assisted Living Home for Addled Former Geniuses, but we can’t all get what we want this election season. “So what I said is most of the people in Nazi Germany did not believe in what Hitler was doing, but did they speak up?”

Every time we see a tragedy like Roseburg, we watch politicians like Carson twist themselves into pretzels of illogic to justify their near-religious worship of guns.

This raises another question: Is Dr. Ben Carson actually a sociopath? “I don’t get in the corner and just, you know, stonewall”.

“Polls are going to go up and down, and I don’t get too excited over them”, he said.

Although they may not have agreed with a few of his more conservative beliefs, Wright Rigueur says they were willing to overlook them, like an uncle who says impolitic things at Thanksgiving.


CARSON: Here’s what I believe in. President Obama called on the American people to elect representatives who would finally take action on gun control legislation, after his calls for this Congress to do something fell on deaf ears. “This whole country of, for and by the people”. That essentially shifts the relationship between the people and the government. “Would you still go if you were president?”

Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson speaks in Ankeny Iowa. Carson says he would have sacrificed his life to help stop last week’s deadly attack in Oregon. But he’s joined the rest of the GOP’s 20