Instagram’s latest update puts Twitter on notice

Search has improved too with the ability to search specifically for what you’re looking for, using all the filters all at once. Whether it’s to relive memories of a trip, or check out an upcoming destination, the Places function should find all the places you want to explore.


The first feature focuses on showcasing trending topics and places, with “dynamically updated content” that promises to give each user a real-time look at events and pictures happening nearby.

This is part of a broader trend.

The challenge to Twitter came as the one-to-many messaging service based in San Francisco searched for a new chief executive capable of spurring both growth and revenue.

Moments ago, Instagram announced its releasing Instagram 7.0, an update that will further help users connect with and explore the world around them.

The new “trending places” feature will highlight activity at festivals, sports games and museums, reported.

With the new Places Search, you can search across any location on earth.

Kevin Systrom, the chief executive and co-founder of Instagram, told The New York Times that today’s update is all about making Instagram more conducive to sharing live reactions and experiences. But many of Instagram‘s 300 million users had no idea something remarkable was happening outside the bubble of their news feeds. You’ll be able to see all the photos from Father’s Day or Coachella, scope out your next vacation spot, or see photos of important topics chosen by Instagram’s team. It’ll also be useful for news organizations that already scour Instagram for images to include with their stories, he added, like the image from the Baltimore police protests below that made the cover of Time. “The new Top Search also lets you search across people, places and tags all at once”. “But, until now, there’s never been an easy way to find these moments”. The social network has roughly the same number of users as Instagram, but is four years older, and the company’s growth has slowed while Instagram’s has sped up. Do you guys think it was a much needed update for Instagram?