Intoxicated Ky. man tried to dig up dad’s grave

May told police he does not believe he was doing anything wrong by trying to dig up his father’s grave.


Michael May, 44, was arrested after digging up the grave of his father at the Pilot Baptist Cemetery near Stanford, in Lincoln County, on Monday night, deputies told Lexington television station WLEX.

The arresting officer also said May seemed intoxicated and quoted Bible verses when confronted, according to Central Kentucky News. It’s unclear what state he expected find his late father in considering the man died some 30 years prior, or what pressing point he just had to make.

Lincoln Co. deputies say a man tried to dig up his father’s grave so he could argue with him. That’s when I went and got my flashlight.

“He started hollering out [Bible] verses at me”, Mitchell said.

He said: “He told me he was trying to dig his dad up, so his dad could go to heaven”.

Breslow: “Do you feel that you were violating a grave?” “Not under it”.

According to Wave3, it’s possible that it wasn’t even his own father’s grave that he was violating.


The cemetery’s registry indicates that 13 people called May are buried there.

Kentucky Man Tries to Dig Up Dead Dad So He Can 'Go to Heaven'