IOS 9.0.1 update release notes live

This Friday many thousands of Apple fans will be eagerly awaiting the delivery of their brand new iPhone 6s.


Didn’t download iOS 9 because you were afraid of bugs? Chinese retailers are building unauthorized Apple stores to sell the new iPhone 6S, attempting to create nearly exact store replicas – down to the wooden tables, large signage and blue shirts and white tags on employees.

At last, you can reply to emails without using your phone, although you only have up to 20 preset replies which you can customize. If you’re serious about photography, you’ll appreciate the more natural starting point the iPhone affords.

Live photos bring your pictures to life, automatically recording a few frames before and after your shot, while 3d touch lets you interact in new ways. Register today! The keyboard now clearly shows lower- and uppercase characters, though I find it a little subtle.

Many of these unauthorized dealers resell the remainder of their counterfeit iPhones to overseas markets, such as Hong Kong and the United States. After you choose the phone, you have to choose a plan, which can be kind of a challenge with so many new pricing plans available. (Here’s a sample image from an iPhone 6s Plus.) The bigger impact is on video, where the iPhone can now capture 4K resolution, four times sharper than regular HD.

Apple also has built an “ecosystem” (buzzword alert!) of Macs, Apple TVs and iPads that work well together.

After a five-day delay due to errant software code, Apple has released its new watchOS 2 operating system for the Apple Watch. The phone is faster too, including the Touch ID fingerprint reader.

As for the watch update, first make sure your phone has the latest software, iOS 9.


You’ll have to wait for iOS 9.1 to see any cool stuff, like new emoji. In addition to upgrading the iPhone’s rear-facing camera, from eight to 12 megapixels, the company has added a new way to take a picture. This time, the company’s newest smartphone commercial pokes fun at Apple because iPhones can’t charge wirelessly.

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