IOS 9 already on 50% of devices, Apple touts fastest ever adoption

Apple announced its iOS 9 at an event in San Francisco on September 9 followed by its official release on September 16. Nearly without exception, upgrading your phone each fall does not result in incompatible software or any risk of data loss.


When the actual iOS 9 jailbreak release date is not yet written in stone but the hope glimmers that it could happen very soon.

Anyone who’s ever seen an Apple Store on iPhone launch day will know exactly what they are talking about – expect queues stretching around the block and avid fans camping outside the night before. Apple has claimed that it is next to impossible to jailbreak iOS 9 and has been thwarting the attempts of jailbreakers by launching firmware updates for its OS without notice.

If you want to go with Apple’s new iPhone Upgrade Program, prices start at $32 and $37 per month, respectively.

The drawbacks are that the Side Over window covers part of the displayed application, and both apps can’t be worked with at the same time.

The latest version of the iOS will bring in split-screen functionality where the user can open multiple apps simultaneously. Tapping on the QuickType keyboard with two fingers enables the user to move the cursor around, with the keyboard area functioning like a trackpad.

iPhone guesses at unknown numbers.

According to Hacked, several casual games in the Google Play store (since removed), contained malware known as Mkero that subscribes victims to premium SMS services. You can turn off this behavior here, and the setting hasn’t changed since iOS 8. Siri Suggestions can be accessed on the Search page. Don’t like this feature? On Android you have a similar functionality where you look at your apps by scrolling from top to bottom; here you scroll from side to side.

Share and save voicemail.

Suggested apps are shown on the bottom-left corner of your lock screen and in the app switcher, based on your location or usage patterns.

Handoff lets you pass a task from one device to another, for example starting an email on your iPad and finishing on your Mac. People have been saying that their phone is bricked.


Lastly, the most notable feature is the newly-added “Low-Power”, which could be found in the settings under the Battery tab. The two step authentication process will also help users to ensure better privacy. Since there is no dedicated navigation button set, you will have to rely on gestures.

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