IOS 9 Got Released – What You Need to Know

iPhone and iPad owners, rejoice: a new iOS version arrives today. iOS 9 will begin rolling out to a wide range of devices starting at 10 AM PT, according to a tweet on the semi-official Apple Support Twitter account.


Apple has finally released its latest iOS 9 software for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

As of 6pm United Kingdom time, Apple’s latest mobile operating system is available as a free update, meaning that millions of users all over the world are now hunched over their devices, desperate for that progress bar to fill in.

Want more? Check out Apple’s full iOS 9 feature list here, and our own preview coverage to find out everything you need to know about the major update.

When iOS 8 came out, users grumbled about the 4.58 gigabytes the update took up – a pretty significant chunk of memory for people with 16-gigabyte phones. As always, servers are overheating as every single iPhone user worldwide scramble to get the update, causing download issues for some users. Here, users can run two applications at the same time, like one would see in several Android devices such as Samsung and LG. Another way to update will be to connect your device to the computer and click on “Check for Update“, this process is longer since iTunes will download the complete operating system file before it is installed. Keep in mind though that some of the features will only work on devices running iOS 9 or newer. The iOS 9 also brings a smarter personal assistant Siri with a new design, contextual reminders and will allow users to search for photos and videos in new ways.

iOS 9 is set to launch by Apple this September 16.

The screen should then reset, and on your homescreen you’ll find the Apple News app and you’ll be able to access the many publishers available on Apple News, including n3rdabl3!


Apple dropped a number of features which were supposed to be included in its Health app hours before the release of iOS 8.

iOS 9 now available, watchOS 2 delayed