IOS 9 public beta with the instruction to install it

“This way you don’t have to waste half a day setting up your device all over again if something goes wrong”.


The first Apple device to be shipped with the iOS 9 will most probably be the next generation of iPhone, iPhone 7, possibly, which is how generally each new software upgrade has been released in the past.

So there you have it – you’re now a part of Apple’s next wave of operating systems before they’ve officially launched. You should now see the iOS 9 beta listed as a waiting software update. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your Mac or PC, load up iTunes, and let it run a full backup: for greater convenience down the line, make sure to check the box that also backs-up passwords and login credentials. The new iOS brings in number of new features and improvements like Proactive Assistant, transit directions in Maps, enhanced multitasking features for iPad and more.

You can expect an advance look at some of the features Apple debuted at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June, including a smarter Siri, the Apple News app and Health Kit updates, among others.

Cupertino has also slimmed down the operating system, and provided the App Store with a way to dramatically reduce the amount of space apps take on your devices. You’ll use the same type of guided steps that you used to download iOS 9. If you haven’t already downloaded iOS 8.4, you quite simply won’t get any further!

Although users are invited to download the latest mobile OS version to try it out, they should do so at their own risk as it might come with major bugs and glitches, Wired reported. If you haven’t ever acquired an Apple identification previously, you will of course need to register by clicking on “sign up” instead. When you have successfully signed in, choose OS X from the two tabs on the page.

Safety first, says Apple.

Click on add (+) button to register your iOS devices. This can be done via Once you do so, your download will begin. Failure to do so will quickly render the process invalid. The question is, should you install it? The system will then prompt you to input a passcode, should you have set up this option previously.


There’s also deep app searching directly from the Spotlight screen, allowing users to search for information within third-party apps on the iPhone and iPad. After that, users have to go on the “Getting Started” section and select “enroll your iOS device”. And I want to test iOS 9 on an iPad, which gains a picture-in-picture feature, a new split view that lets you display two apps simultaneously and other capabilities lacking on the phone.

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