IOS 9 Released, Ready for Your iPhone and iPad

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will begin rolling out its new upgrade, iOS 9 for its iPad, iPhone and iPod, featuring a ton of improvements such as reduced battery consumption, giving enhanced battery life. Cook also didn’t concede any promotional motivations for forcing the presence of certain apps, denying that the key motivator is to “suck up real estate; we’re not motivated to do that”. Now, if you wanted to open up notification center, you would swipe down from the top edge of the screen. That is to say, your basic functionality and familiarity shouldn’t be altered in a major way, but if you go looking for the changes you’re sure to be impressed.


Siri will also know to pull up music when headphones are plugged in or start an audio book a user has been listening to when they’re in their car, among a slew of other context-based features.

You can use a new Transit view that shows you lines and stations for subways, buses, trains and ferries right on the map. This means that the app does not require data or Wi-Fi connection to transfer content from Android to iOS.

With the new Move to iOS app, users can wirelessly switch from an Android device to a new iOS device at ease. It’s not a great start for iOS 9, though.

They will come with iOS 9 built in, and Apple claims the current pre-orders for the new phones are “on pace” to beat the company’s record sales of the iPhone 6 a year ago.

The other option is to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to iOS to your PC or Mac and update through iTunes. You might want to splurge on a 64GB iPhone instead so you don’t have to delete constantly photos and video from your phone so you can free some space for a new application. This feature is available only for the iPad Air 2 and the newly announced iPad Pro, but Microsoft is nonetheless eager to support multitasking with its Office suite.


Despite the troubled roll-out, more than half of all iOS devices were running iOS 8 within the first week of its launch.

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