IOS 9’s ‘slide-to-upgrade’ bug freezes iPhones, iPad and iPod

However, other users have reported issues with certain features of their device, such as battery problems. This means that those who didn’t make a backup before upgrading will be left with nothing after the update. The user may also have several important SMS messages, notes and app data that are going to be wiped in order for the device to be usable again. Some of these tips you’ll likely already know, but there are few new ones from iOS 9 that you can take advantage of when you see your phone’s battery icon dip into the red. They can be accessed through desktop and laptop computers.


Forster: We would recommend that consumers weigh up the cost in the country they are visiting, along with the Value-Added Tax total to be paid on their return, as it might work out cheaper to buy in the UK. On Monday, Apple said half of its base has upgraded to iOS 9.

Apple was made aware of the problem after a lot of users started bombarding the support boards with the same problem.

The look at speed performance of the first beta of iOS 9.1 comes from Adrianisen, and we’ve embedded it below this article for convenient viewing. However, it took multiple tries just to successfully upgrade the iPad to iOS 9. Innovations focused on ease of use are therefore central to this new software product, and Apple users are expected to download the software in huge numbers ahead of what is anticipated to be the most successful iPhone in the history of the handset.

A recent report by BGR states that Apple has filed patents for attractive iPhone designs and thus gets rid of that annoying Home button which has been haunting users for quite a while. Even an iPod Touch players were not safe.

While global iPhone prices are beginning to dwindle as currency rates change, the United Kingdom remains one of the most expensive places to buy an iPhone.

And for those who have money to burn, the 18-carat gold Apple Watch Editions will soar to €18,500.

Apple, which updates its mobile software every year, needs to keep the system fresh to maintain customers’ interest in its products and to ensure that software developers keep making apps for its devices.


Security: If you have a new device with fingerprint ID, you’ll be asked to create a longer passcode as a backup, with six digits instead of four. When prompted, choose Restore. It also doesn’t hurt to upgrade accordingly without skipping any major updates.

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