Iowa jogger Mollie Tibbetts was killed from ‘multiple sharp force injuries’

Mollie Tibbetts’s autopsy results are in after her body was found on August 21 in Iowa.


The Iowa Department of Transportation said Thursday a review of its records show the suspect in Mollie Tibbetts’ slaying was not issued a state ID card or driver’s license. Rivera is from Mexico and had allegedly seen Mollie out jogging in the past. The agency did not release additional details about the injuries she suffered or what caused them.

The manager of a dairy farm that employed the man charged with killing an Iowa college student says he has received dozens of threatening phone messages and other contacts in the last 24 hours, including death threats.

Geraldo Rivera, the flamboyant Fox News correspondent who appears regularly on “Fox & Friends” and “Hannity”, accused his own network of putting “spin” on the Tibbetts story, turning it into a political debate over illegal immigration.

A “Mass of the Resurrection for Mollie Tibbetts” will be held at 2 the gymnasium of the Brooklyn, Guernsey and Malcolm High School in Brooklyn, Iowa – which she had attended, KCRG reported.

And 54 percent of women said they were concerned at least sometimes while running, or getting ready to run, that they could be physically assaulted or have unwanted physical contact.

Iris Monarrez, who has a 3-year-old daughter with suspect Cristhian Rivera, lived in a red trailer on the farm where Rivera worked until they broke up last year.

Rivera, a native of Mexico who is suspected of being in the U.S. illegally, made his initial court appearance Wednesday and is being jailed on a $5 million cash-only bond. Investigators found a female’s lifeless body in the area Rivera led them to. They will never see that because she is permanently gone from the face of this planet because of an illegal alien.

Asked about Mr. Trump’s accusations against undocumented immigrants, Rivera’s coworker said she doesn’t agree with it because there are bad people of all races.

According to court documents, Rivera said in an interview that when he approached Tibbetts, she pulled out her cellphone and said she was going to “call the police” and that made him get angry.

Just one day earlier, Lang had put out a statement in which he said that Rivera, was an employee in good standing who had been vetted through the E-Verify system, a web-based system that allows employers to confirm employees’ ability to work in the United States.

“Let’s let the process go”, he said Thursday. “We’re only at the very preliminary stages”.

Mollie Tibbetts with her boyfriend, Dalton Jack.

This prompted national media attention, thanks in large part to conservatives who used the situation to point out the costs of illegal immigration that are all-too-often ignored by the mainstream media.


Tibbetts’ aunt took a similar approach, writing on her Facebook page: “Evil comes in EVERY color”.

Cristhian Bahena-Rivera