iPhone 5S affected by Bugs resulting Blue Screen of death

Apple has just launched their new iPhone series with title iPhone 5S which runs on the latest iOS 7. Apple has included many new features with a high security system with this iPhone 5S. Few days earlier apple has announced that this phone will get the most secure environment for your phone’s data.


iPhone 5S comes with the 4G network support, 4 inch of Corning Gorilla Glass LCD display, 8 MP full HD rear side camera with secondary 1.2 MP HD camera, the latest iOS 7.0.1, and with a Dual Core 1.3 GHz processor. This phone also includes a 1GB DDR3 RAM with internal card slot of 16/32/64 GB.

But there was shocking news about this iPhone that many users are not feeling good after buying this latest launch of Apple. Why so?

According to the Apple support forums, there is lots of complain against this device related to Blue Screen of Death. Users say that if they are using numbers of document at a time and when they press the power button to move the phone into sleep mode, the iPhone automatically gets switched off. Another user said that his iPhone got stuck at the loading page, which was quite irritating. Some says that while using the apple store, this problem occurs.


The most interesting fact about this blue screen of death cause in iPhone 5S is similar with windows BSODs as they both have same virtually shade, that is Blue.

There are many complains regarding this Blue Screen of Death on the Apple Official Support Forums. Users are complaining that these problems were known since the phone launched but Apple doesn’t yet come up with a fix. The exact reason behind this blue screen of death is not yet found, so we may have to wait a long when Apple disclose the reason of fault about this blue screen and automatic reboot problems.

There are some user who suggested that by disabling the sync option of iCloud for Pages, Numbers, and Keynote; this blue screen of death problem may be reduced but this will not end the problem.

All Apple customers are waiting for a fix of this blue screen of death problem. But I think that Apple will soon launch the updated version of this iOS 7 which have the solution of all its limitations. There are some more issue such that “battery life of iOS 7” with this iPhone but it is not very important as BSODs.

Video with iPhone 5S Blue Screen of death: