IPhone 6S and 6S Plus goes on sale in Central New York

But Apple says that the phone will stay charged for the exact same amount of time, likely the result of more efficient components including a new processor.


Using 3D Touch, Schiller introduced “Live Photos“, allowing details in the photos to move, such as a moving waterfall with the sound of rushing water. Sprint is charging $5.77/month for the 64GB iPhone 6s and $10.53 for the 128GB model.

The line for the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus snaked around several blocks outside the downtown Boston Apple store. People have started queuing up early in the morning, as is customary for each new iPhone launch, indicating that Apple is still benefiting from a strong brand loyalty.

At Verizon, the carrier’s two-year installment plan will include the right to upgrade the phones on an annual basis to a new iPhone.

Under contract, an iPhone 6s goes for $199 for the 16 gigabyte version, $299 for the 64 gigabyte and $399 for the 128 gigabyte, ABC reports.

Phil Schiller, Apple vice president, claimed that the iPhone users can take videos with better resolution.

New Yorker Randy Davis, 29, thought he’d found a way to beat the long lines – he made a reservation to buy a Slate gray 64GB iPhone 6s Friday.

Did you get your iPhone 6s yet?

“I thought that a reservation meant that you were going to get in quickly”, he said, noting that he took a break from work to buy the mobile device.

“A lot of people haven’t switched to the Apple iPhone 6 this time, so a 6s provides an opportunity for them to do that”.

The first two customers to pick up their pre-orders were both grad school students who lined up at 2 a.m. This year, they feature improved camera quality and 3D touch, a display technology which uses a “Taptic Engine” to gauge how hard users press the screen.

The new phones have less dramatic improvements than last year’s redesign, which saw an enlarged screen and the introduction of mobile payments.


Sales of the smartphone accounted for almost two-thirds of Apple’s revenue in the latest quarter, making it the company’s best-selling device to date.

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