IPhone 6s Force Touch feature will boost usability

With an launch date set for September 9th and Apple’s fiscal year ending on September 28th, analysts are expecting the company to get the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus out on shelves in September. Despite the extra thickness and slightly bigger footprint, the back plate of the iPhone 6s is lighter (25g versus 27g), although the integration of Force Touch technology could increase the weight of the new iPhones. In this month of the year, people become a lot interested in the specifications and features that new iPhone 6 is meant to offer. Network operators have already started taking orders for the device which has not even been announced by the company. This is the same as the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


The iOS9 brings too much potential for the looming iPhone 6s but there are concerns on how iPhone users will react to it. However, with the Force Touch technology, the iPhone 6s promises to bring new and easy experience. And while the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are still behind the curtain, we know that the iPhone 6s release is getting closer. It also promises customers preferred delivery of future smartphone models provided, they enter the correct information.

Apple will likely launch the next iPhone iteration in the Fall event which is rumoured to be conducted on September 9.

Today’s iPhone 6s listing, courtesy once again of folks over at China, comes with some more accurate looking information about the device. Tri-core is a concept which Apple debuted with the iPad Air 2 and the A8X last year, and we saw the difference made by Cupertino just adding one more core to its processor architecture.


It appears to be exceptionally impossible that a considerable measure of the anticipated data identifying the iPhone 6S sounds like it’s going to remain constant. Previous news reported that there was an email that leaked from Vanfone with specific date of release.

Enthusiasts expect a big upgrade for the iPad Mini 4 considering the few improvements introduced in its predecessor