IPhone 6s glitch stops apps working when upgrading from older iPhones

Apple launched the new iPhones this year with an extremely bold statement: “The only thing that has changed…is everything“.


One user on Apple’s discussion page wrote: “I just got my iPhone 6s today and tried loading credit cards into the Wallet app only to find that the view (for lack of a better word) is zoomed-in, essentially cutting the sides off of my cards and passes”.

The smartphone runs on latest iOS v9.0 operating system, which gets enhancements to built-in apps, a smarter digital voice assistant Siri and search and many more. Fix company iFixit recently discovered that there are now seals all over the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus to help with water resistance. Every two years, Apple introduces all-new models, generally designated with a new model number, that feature new designs and usually a few important new features.

IHS senior director of cost benching service, Andrew Rassweiller, indicated that 3D Touch and Apple’s Taptic engine are the more notable upgrades.

Shortly after the iOS 9 release, iOS users discovered a passcode flaw that could allow someone to bypass the lock screen and look at contacts and photos. Choose to go without, though, and the phone will rock slightly when you put it down on a flat surface. The technology Apple calls, Live Photos which give you a snippet of what happened before and after your snap is included on both smartphones.

Reporting of the problem in the Tame Apple Press is about what you would expect.

Customizing the sensitivity of 3D Touch is simple and you just have to know where to look.

It seems that a new glitch is reported everyday, in the newest iPhones launched by Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL). So it you’ve been bitten by this screen-zoom issue, you hopefully won’t have to endure it much longer.

The patent file suggests that the headphone plug housing would be varied to let accessory manufacturers start making different kinds of their offerings using the same plug, though there will be the same diameter of the jack to support various multiple accessories.

These types of uses for 3D Touch have the potential to save time or make it easier to perform routine actions.


Improvements in smartphone technology have historically presented opportunities for the banking industry – indeed, several providers have been busy exploiting the most recent developments, exploring how they might be used to improve the process of mobile banking for customers.

iFixit teardown confirms new iPhones are pretty water resistant