IPhone 6S Plus boast ‘stronger’ construction

It was said that Apple is using a superior grade Series 7000 aluminum with the iPhone 6s Plus.


That is what we expect this year, and a new leak shows exactly that. Apple received strong criticism upon launch of the iPhone 6 for a reported weak housing, which could lead to phones bending when pressure is applied. As noted before, we don’t think that the device will really move the needle for Apple in terms of sales or market cap in the near-term, but its performance will be important to Apple’s image nonetheless, being the first new product category in the Tim Cook era.

Apple is set to report its past-quarter earnings, and analysts are expecting a relatively lean (for Apple) $10.4 billion in net income. The Apple iPhone 7 is the latest entrant in the market and if the buzzword is true, then you will not have to charge this iPhone. The law of large numbers will soon hit Apple. (Fannie Mae got a giant one-time accounting benefit in 2013 that gave the company a net income of $84 billion).



The Chinese economy has been quite unstable lately, and this is creating some concerns about the possibility of an economic slowdown in the country and its potential impact on Apple’s overall revenues and growth rates. This year, analysts have their eyes glued to changes in consumer habits in China in response to the recent stock market crash. The smart wearable has disappointed many, who claim it is no different to any other watch that lacks a killer app. Skepticism surrounding the Watch is buoyed up by the fact that Apple, in its last earnings call, refused to discuss Watch sales only stating that demand has been greater than supply.

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