Iran official says concerned over U.S. influence following nuclear deal

· This agreement dramatically reduces the chances Iran ever acquires a nuclear weapon by taking concrete, verifiable steps to constrain Iran’s possible uranium enrichment and plutonium reprocessing activities.


Last week, the Senate voted not to consider a Congressional override of the Iran nuclear deal, all but assuring that the agreement will survive congressional review and move forward toward implementation.

But with global conflicts and the potential for a nuclear-armed Iran, we live in times that demand more durable protections for our nation and allies. Is more talk what Israel needs as Hezbollah updates its thousands of missiles with Iran’s new billions in cash so that they can not be detected or stopped by the Iron Dome before reigning death on Israeli cities?

Iran has been a chief sponsor of terrorism in the world.

But he expects the situation will become unpleasant: The deal calls for the lift economic sanctions linked to Iran’s nuclear program, but the USA also has vowed to continue sanctions on non-nuclear issues, such as state support of terrorism.

Who’s a closer ally of the United States: Canada or Iran? Iran will engage in nuclear blackmail, forestalling any Western attempts to curb their expansion of support of terror proxies that kill American soldiers.

Under current policy, taxpayers can’t receive foreign tax credits for business done within the country and shareholders are taxed for any income earned there. Just this week, Khamenei announced that he hopes “the Zionist regime” – Israel – will be gone in the next 25 years.

Obama has the ability to waive the provision, after giving Congress 30 days notice, if he believes it’s in “the national interest and will expand trade and investment opportunities for United States companies”.

I can not know the agony experienced by US presidents, from Nixon to Obama, as they negotiate with countries tied to that part of our world. And so we’re going to be engaged in this constant deal-brinksmanship over, ‘Is it worth it to us to run the risk to impose the sanctions, and the Iranians might walk away?


We have seen enough of war; the Middle East has been at war for centuries. Abandoning the agreement in search of a better deal, as Sen. “Amnesty worldwide and other human rights organizations note with horror that since the “moderate” President Hassan Rouhani took office, almost 1,500 citizens have been hanged in Iran, including dissidents, juveniles and women”, wrote Kennedy in an article in the Chicago Tribune on Monday. After years of ambushes and massacres at the hands of Iran-supported forces, these courageous men and women should be protected from further attacks at the ironically named Camp Liberty. With the deal done, one would think the Obama administration now has the leverage to save these souls who cast their lot with a secular, democratic, non-nuclear Iran. They have steadily been building a stockpile of enriched uranium, completed an underground nuclear facility and repeatedly displayed their eagerness to bring destruction to our nation and others across the globe. We must be vigilant and watchful regarding the goals and the intentions of the new administration in Iran as it addresses its newfound domestic and worldwide responsibilities. One day, if that scenario comes to pass, the United States may again need to lead the worldwide community: this time in a military strike against Iran. As my colleague Mark Dubowitz has said for months, Obama could have plowed ahead regardless, using executive powers Congress would be unlikely to challenge successfully.

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons