Iran official says concerned over United States influence following nuclear deal

While the revised version is all but certain to leave Iran hawks wanting more, defenders of the deal still think it still goes too far. “However, the bill has other problems – most especially, the fact that Congress is asserting unlimited authorities to impose sanctions on Iran for non-nuclear purposes and is instating an expedited procedure for legislation to do exactly such”.


Iran has obviously not lost any of its post 1979 attitudes towards the West. If the Iranians are in favor to “opening and cultivating a relationship with…the United States“, as the author says, then why is their Supreme Leader hosting rallies with violent intentions as people enthusiastically chant “Death ti America” over and over again for the world to hear?

“Because the president operated from a position of concession and not of strength, the American people are left with a bad deal”.

Under current policy, taxpayers can’t receive foreign tax credits for business done within the country and shareholders are taxed for any income earned there.

“This is because lifting the sanctions, rather than suspending them, will render impossible a snapback in case of Iranian violations”, MEMRI said in its online analysis. The Obama administration says it will begin the process to relieve sanctions on Iran next month if the country meets its obligations to curb its nuclear program.

The debacle for Netanyahu and AIPAC on Iran demonstrably shows that Israel and its allies do not dictate the terms and contours of broader USA foreign policy goals. For decades, the Iranians have expressed their hate for not only Western civilization – particularly the US and Israel – but also Christians and Jews.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said, “This deal abandons four American hostages in Iran, and this deal will only accelerate Iran’s acquiring nuclear weapons“. Perhaps this is why so many wars start with regularity.

She said Congress came up with the conclusion after careful and thorough examination on the details of the President’s agreement with Iran, which was supposed to make America safer and eliminate Iran’s path to nuclear weapon. This agreement gives us important new ways to deal with Iran, by launching the strongest oversight possible, monitoring Iran’s compliance, and conducting intrusive inspections. The opponents of the deal failed three times to gather the 60 votes needed for the resolution of disapproval in the 100-member chamber.

In a statement on its Weibo microblog, the commission said that Zhang had met with Iranian and Chinese companies in Tehran on Wednesday, telling them that China was Iran’s best partner for infrastructure construction and manufacturing. “I don’t know that that’s going to happen so quickly in Iran, because Iran has been so demonized for the last 30 years that that’s going to take a while to wear off”.

And even as the global community levied powerful sanctions, Iran continued to produce centrifuges (eventually reaching 19,000 IR-1s) and continuing development on the Arak plutonium reactor.

Former Defense Minister Ehud Barak expects the United States to equip Israel with the arms that would enable it to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities if needed.

Just consider how much more unsafe our world has become under President Obama.

Having been isolated by sanctions for years, Iran’s need for imported goods and services is huge.


In early August, Phillip Ackerman, the second-ranking diplomat in Germany’s embassy in Washington, also warned of very negative consequences if the United States congress rejected the agreement. Ben Cardin, D-Md., no longer conflicts with United States commitments to lift sanctions on certain Iranian banks, according to a recent draft obtained by Al-Monitor.

US Democratic Senator Ben Cardin