Iran’s leader says Syria’s president must remain in power

In a further sign of Europe’s shifting positions, French President François Hollande said on Sunday that Assad’s ally Iran could play a crucial role in finding a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.


Sky’s correspondent, travelling with Cameron to the United States, said Cameron was not ruling out that Assad could be part of a transition, but “what he is very clear about is that Assad cannot be part of Syria’s future in the long run”.

Iranians protested Sunday outside the Saudi embassy in Tehran for a third straight day.

Rouhani planned to fly back to Tehran immediately after finishing his United Nations speech, canceling a news conference scheduled for Tuesday.

“The fight against terrorism should not target the Syrian government who is a critical actor in settling the issue”, Rouhani underlined.

The U.S. Congress failed to block the implementation of a deal between Iran and six world powers that trades curbs on Iran’s nuclear program for the elimination of many sanctions that have been placed on the country.

“I will rip to shreds this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal“, Ted Cruz said in a recent CNN debate.

The Italian premier, in turn, said his country will soon dispatch a major economic-trade delegation to Iran, saying he would urge Italian companies to launch joint ventures with Iranian firms for a stronger presence in world markets.

Iran’s president said Monday that Tehran is prepared to help eradicate terrorism, pave the way for democracy and ensure that arms do not dictate the course of events in the region.

The USA also accused Iran of increasing assistance to Iraqi Shia militias, one of which was designated a terrorist organisation, “in response to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant incursion into Iraq, and has continued to support other militia groups in the region”.

Rouhani’s United Nations speech reprised the same themes he raised during three meetings he held over the weekend with journalists, Iranian Americans, and scholars who specialize in the Middle East. “If Iran chooses a different path, it would be better for the security of the region, good for the Iranian people, and good for the world”.

While tensions have eased, Iran and the United States have not had diplomatic relations since 1980, a year after the Islamic revolution toppled the Western-oriented shah.


Speaking to reporters accompanying him on the visit – which will also focus on climate change and new United Nations development goals – Mr Cameron said it was about “stepping up” global efforts to take on the militant threat. “For the first time, two sides, rather than negotiating peace after war, engaged in dialogue and understanding before the eruption of conflict”.

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