Iran Says Death Toll of Nationals in Hajj Crush Rises to 464

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Iran’s Foreign Ministry has denied a report by the Saudi-funded Al-Arabiya news network that Roknabadi had traveled to Saudi Arabia under a fake name because there was no official record of his arrival in the kingdom to perform the hajj rituals.

Hezbollah forces are fighting in Syria to support Assad’s government against ISIS, the al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups.

“We were assured that no Iranian would be buried (in Saudi Arabia) without the permission of the government and their relatives”, he said.

A search of the ship determined that it was “stateless, ” or not formally registered to any country, although it appears to have been coming from Iran, according to the U.S. Navy.

Meanwhile, a statement release by Iran’s Foreign Ministry said Khamenei had called for the formation of a fact-finding committee of Muslim nations, including Iran, to investigate the disaster, according to CNN.

Its 14 Iranian crew members were detained, the statement added.

DUBAI-Iran on Thursday doubled the number of its pilgrims who died in last week’s hajj stampede in Mecca to 464, state media reported, amid heightened tensions between Tehran and regional rival Saudi Arabia. The flawed reason used by PEMRA is that criticism on Saudi Arabia would damage the relations of Pakistan with a brotherly Muslim country. Before Saudi Arabia and Arab allies intervened in March to try to restore Yemen’s president to power and roll back the Iranian-allied Houthi militia, Yemen imported more than 90 percent of its food, mostly by sea.

Parliamentarians: The response to Saudi Arabia will be harsh.

Jazayeri said it’s the duty of Muslim states to undertake fact-finding missions “to decode these crimes by Al-Saud”.

It demanded an apology from Riyadh and accused it of hindering efforts to repatriate the bodies.

When asked about the discrepancy in the accounts, Saudi coalition spokesman Brig.

The Saudis say that the total death toll was 769 people. Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli criticized Saudi authorities in a letter to his Saudi counterpart Mohammad bin Nayef on October 1. In 2004, a pilgrims’ stampede at Mina led to the deaths of 244 people with hundreds more injured.

“By using our ability to network, we can significantly accelerate the process of victim identification”.

The Saudi minister’s request has done little to stem the flow of byzantine purported schemes that Iranian officials have posited in connection with the tragedy.

At the end of the meeting the Iranian minister said the stampede was “something out of people’s control”. Larijani also discussed the Sixth Five-Year Development Plan, stating that its funds will focus on “production and the development of industry”.

Khamenei’s comments come at a time when a number of Iranian parliamentarians have been attacking Zarif for shaking hands with Obama. He called on the worldwide community to put pressure on Israel to get rid of her nuclear weapons.

Supreme Leader urges armed forces to strengthen their capabilities.


1 to Iranian commanders and officers about the futility of compromising with the enemy.

Restrict the number travelling to Mecca’ says Slough-based human rights campaigner in wake of Hajj tragedy