Iraq’s parliament approves reform plan in rare show of unity

Iraq’s parliament on Tuesday approved a raft of reforms proposed two days earlier by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and endorsed the same day by Iraq’s council of ministers.


Mr. Abadi’s measures are aimed at the government, including removing top officials from their posts and opening corruption…

Osama Nujaifi made his accusation against the prime minister on Monday following a meeting between President Fouad Masum and his deputies on Sunday.

Iraq’s vice president has accused Haider Al-Abadi of surpassing his constitutional powers by requesting reforms, including the removal of all of the president’s deputies from their positions.

Sadr, whose opinion holds sway over tens of thousands of followers and militia fighters, heads the movement to which Araji belongs.

It also included that a number of sensitive government posts to be filled by political and sectarian independents, and that the appointments of such posts would be in light of competence and integrity standards.

Mr Juburi said a complementary plan containing even more reforms was needed, and called on Mr Abadi to sack ministers who were guilty of negligence and corruption.

Shortly after the call of Sistani, Abadi reacted and promised to follow Sistani’s advice, calling for the other political parties to positively contribute to his reform plans, which aim at fighting corruption.

Officials’ benefits will also be reduced.

The approval is a victory for Abadi, but the question now becomes how thoroughly the measures will be implemented, and what politicians and other officials may do to try to thwart them.

On Tuesday, Jubouri told a press conference that the parliament’s additional reform plan “is necessary to achieve a comprehensive reform process”.

“The government should make important decisions and take strong measures to fight corruption and achieve social justice”.


During the parliament session, Juburi thanked the Iraqi clerics and protesters for their efforts to help uproot corruption in the Arab country, saying the Iraqi legislative branch represents the people, and it is obliged to meet the nation’s demands for the implementation of anti-corruption reforms.

Iraqi parliament approves Abadi's reform package state TV