Is Anna Paquin playing Rogue on Channing Tatum’s ‘Gambit’ movie?

Meanwhile, Jackman is set to reprise his mutant role in Bryan Singer’s forthcoming Marvel Comics film “X-Men: Apocalypse“.


Sources say that Rogue might still appear in the movie although it might have a different star that will be portraying the role. Paquin’s answer was direct and straight to the point with a resounding “No”.

The Kiwi actress’ absence is not the biggest problem plaguing Gambit.

Moreover, it was revealed that the awesome actor, Channing Tatum, will be playing the title role of “Gambit”. It is possible that Rogue will appear in Gambit and Paquin just doesn’t know it yet.

Gambit’s and Rogue’s relationship was made popular by the 90’s X-Men cartoon that ran on the Fox Kids network. Well, according to the following Tweet from Paquin, that’s not going to happen.

The upcoming Gambit film doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Anna Paquin. Unfortunately, the couple had to face a lot of difficulties due to Rogue’s inability to control her powers. As mentioned above, the movie version of Rogue is romantically linked to Iceman. Director Rupert Wyatt recently left the project, making its original October 7, 2016 date look somewhat less likely. EW also reported that filming will begin in “early spring”.

Sadly, with a single ‘no’, Anna Paquin said that she will not be in the movie. She was awarded an Academy Award for this role in 1993 for Best Supporting Actress. Fans were stating that the movie might not be a success due to Tatum’s poor acting skills.

The actress shot down any involvement on Twitter. Who would play Rogue?


What do you think about Anna Paquin’ not appearing in Gambit as Rogue?

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