IS claims mosque bombing in Yemen

Islamic State’s branch in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack at al-Balili mosque, just outside the Old City of Sanaa, saying that dozens of “rejectionists” were killed or wounded. The conflict has killed over 2,100 civilians so far, according to the United Nations.


More than 4,500 people have been killed in the conflict, which Islamic State has exploited to expand its operations.

A Yemen-based affiliate of the Islamic State group claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in the rebel-held capital of Sanaa that killed 25 people during prayers for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha.

In another instance, residents of northern Yemen said six members of a same family, including four children, died after Arab coalition conducted airstrikes targeting the Houthis in Hajjah province. The Saudi-led coalition has also implemented a naval blockade, further hampering the delivery of humanitarian supplies.

Coalition forces have also used banned cluster munitions, which are indiscriminate by nature, and have been found to be produced or designed in the USA. Senior official for Amnesty, Donatella Rovera said: “Coalition forces have blatantly failed to take necessary precautions to minimize civilian casualties, an obligation under worldwide humanitarian law”.

Medics said at least 36 other people were wounded.

The Associated Press (Access point) considered that the Netherlands scheduled the solution now in the face area of another recommendation co-sponsored by Saudi Arabia.


The Dutch resolution puts the U.S. in a potentially hard position as one of the key global backers of the Saudi-led military campaign. “Criticizing the actions of the various regional and global organizations and different countries, which lie in the fact that they are silent about what is happening in Yemen, we are attracting worldwide attention to the issue that if we won’t come up with a solution to the Yemeni issue, unfortunately, two phenomena will appear, one is the growth of terrorism, and the second is the flow of refugees to Europe”.

Turkish foreign ministry condemns mosque bombing in Yemen that killed 25