Is Google’s Chromebook Pixel C just a Microsoft Surface knockoff?

Google announced the launching of the Pixel C tablet that is set to even up things with both the iPad pro and the Surface Pro.


No word on when the Pixel C will be available – Google claims it will have more to share in the next few months.

We’re already seeing that with apps that dynamically resize and adapt to different screen sizes and orientations. At 10.2 inches, the Pixel C is a compact, Surface-style tablet computer – lightweight, slim, and small enough to slide into your day pack.

The Pixel C release date is scheduled by Google “in time for the holidays”, with the unboxing to include Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Even though the Surface line was launched on an ARM-based version of Windows (RT), Microsoft quickly and smartly shifted focus to the x86-running Surface Pro line. Maybe Bowers should have said, “We’ve been thinking about how to answer the Surface Pro”. The other two are still mobile OSes will definitely come with limitations.

There’s 3GB of RAM inside it and an Nvidia Tegra X1 processor plus Maxwell graphics. Google promises great gaming experience.

But it doesn’t offer a lot in terms of functionality as the Apple iPad Pro nor is Android the choice of preference when it comes to productivity as much as Windows. The new A9X is said to be 80 percent faster than all the portable PCs released in 2014.

Like the Surface series, the Pixel C features a full-size “smart” keyboard. Interestingly, the keyboard which works as a front cover for the tablet charges from its battery. The new Nexus phones have USB-C, too. (If not, check out Only Surface Pro 3 Gets a September 2015 Firmware Update). But, for a device in this segment, I would be surprised if it does not match Surface Pro 3 and iPad Pro. Lenovo reported that the device can last up to 9 hours on a full charge. However, Pixel C has given the camera a miss all together.

My colleague Lauren Hockenson came away impressed after her brief hands-on time, and it’s possibly the best-looking convertible tablet I’ve seen in a while.

The keyboard connects via Bluetooth, but it’s not your average accessory. The magnetic keyboard will be sold separately for US$149.

The iPad Pro also has a huge rival in the form of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

But despite the impressive specs, what really caught out eye was the keyboard.

Whether these reports are true remain to be seen as the company has been mum about the launch of the successor of the hit Surface Pro 3. It has also included the digitise pen.


Above: The Google Pixel C from the back.

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