Is Next Year’s “Break” the Beginning of the End for One Direction?

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Added Coral’s John Hill: “The betting suggests Zayn is likely to have the most success of the former One Direction members as he is the shortest price to hit the top of the UK singles charts first”.

One Direction’s producer and songwriter Julian Bunetta told Entertainment Weekly that the break is “much deserved…They’ve been doing something that no band has ever done – five albums, five tours, and a movie in five years“. Zayn Malik quit in March; Louis Tomlinson is expecting a child. The rumors from late June were never fully answered, but two months later, insiders are speaking up about the fact that One Direction may not tour for their fifth album.

But are allegations that One Direction are taking a break in 2016 true in any way?

Does this mean that One Direction fans should believe these new insider sources? In a series of tweets, Horan clarifies that what they are planning is temporary and will be back to share new music with their fans. The group just released a video – filmed at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, as NASA, was happy to crow about.

Yet, despite the high-profile record, it is time for solo careers. It is much in news that the four members of the band have decided to part away for a period of one year in order to pursue their own solo projects. “There is absolutely no bad blood between them and they are all 100 per cent behind the decision”. However, the E! source maintained that they are “not splitting” up, and “plan to work together in future”.

This wasn’t totally a surprise.


It’s a sad day all round for fangirls – but at least they have each other. This is an exciting time for them creatively and as a group.

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