Is the term ‘anchor baby’ offensive?

But the atmosphere, according to reports from the scene, was one of a classic-rock, pro-wrestling-style rally, with Trump calling out Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, pointing out attractive women in the crowd, even getting Alabama senator Jeff Sessions to don a “Make America Great” cap.


Prohibiting U.S. automakers from expanding in Mexico would put them at a disadvantage with Asian and European automakers that are investing there. Tampa Bay Times’ political editor Adam Smith cites a Times Florida Insider Poll that says Trump’s early successes won’t necessarily transfer to a win over Bush. Then, that pack is left next to a bench in a crowded mall.

An explosion is heard, and on screen words appear “Tancredo… before it’s too late”. His argument is usually two-fold: one, he’ll bring jobs and, two, a poll showed him leading among Hispanics in Nevada. His dustup with Megyn Kelly only added to the audience’s appetite for an televised scuffle.

One thing that divides conservatives is the question of whether Trump should take a loyalty oath to support the eventual Republican nominee if that person is not named “Trump“. That phrase – self-deportation – would be used against Romney during the general election, and he won just 27 percent of the Hispanic vote.

I thought the GOP was all about competition.

The 2012 result prompted serious self-evaluation by the party.

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures after arriving for jury duty at Manhattan Supreme Court in New York, August 17, 2015.

The billionaire real estate mogul has snatched the lion’s share of the attention and support of Republican voters, using a combative tone to lash out at other candidates with a coarseness rarely seen at the top tier of American campaigns. By most accounts Trump’s enthusiastic supporters crammed about half of it.

The crowd erupted in cheers. “We need energy and passion, but we must treat each other with respect”, Trump tweeted Friday afternoon. “We’re the only place just about that’s stupid enough to do it”, he said.

Trump’s plan goes after the 14th amendment, which grants citizenship to essentially anybody born in the United States. During a visit to the Arizona-Mexico border, Ben Carson told the local CBS TV affiliate that drone strikes are a possibility for dealing with the problem. You look at Chicago. “And they’re gone”. “This idea that we’re going to get ’em all to leave, and we’re going to get the good ones back, it’s a fairy tale”, Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, which seeks to reduce illegal immigration, told the Washington Post.

Mexican officials said they would follow the investigation “very closely” to ensure perpetrators of the crime are held accountable.


He is a wildly hyperbolic, hugely entertaining non-politician – and his anti-establishment clarion call has quickly become the loudest voice in US politics.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves to the crowd during a campaign pep rally