ISIS Recruiter and Cyber Specialist Believed Killed in Drone Strike

A notorious ISIS computer hacker from Birmingham who masterminded the militant group’s online war has been killed in an American drone attack in Syria.


The woman, who has known the family for ten years, said Hussain had been an intelligent and polite young man. “He was involved in actively recruiting ISIL sympathizers in the West to carry out lone wolf-style attacks”, he said, “… and specifically sought to direct violence against U.S. service members and government employees”.

The former member of hacking group TeaMp0isoN (nickname TriCk) was jailed in 2012 for hacking into the email account of an aide to Tony Blair and subsequently posting contact details and personal information online.

The two countries had worked closely on tracking the British national, and both gathered evidence for criminal cases in the event they should apprehend him. Subsequent assessments indicated that Hussain had stepped outside when he was hit by a missile from a US drone, the report said.

Since arriving in Syria, Hussain threatened to raise the ISIS flag over 10 Downing Street and the White House and to empty British bank accounts to fund terrorism in the Middle East.

In response to these latest acts, officials told CNN, ISIS leaders have been arresting and killing a number of individuals suspected of leaking intelligence related to group movements.

Hussain, who was married to former punk singer Sally Jones, is thought to have fled to Syria in 2013 while he was on bail in the UK. However, the sources denied a British news report that he was No. 3 on a drone target list, saying other Islamic State commanders were regarded as far more unsafe.

In June, Hussain was linked to an Islamic State plot to attack an Armed Forces Day parade in South London using a bomb rigged in a pressure cooker, similar to the one used in the Boston Marathon attacks in 2013. If it takes months or years we will be there every step of they way to ensure their defeat.”If you believe that you can persecute and murder innocent people based upon their religious beliefs, sexuality or for exercising their right to free speech than you are wrong”.

Believed to have been heavily involved in initiating several attacks against the United States, Hussain is a British-born recruiter and also a well-known hacker.

Military officials and the Federal Bureau of Investigation took the threats seriously and at times had to place servicemembers targeted by Hussain under constant protection.


Just months after he regained his freedom, police arrested him for an alleged violent-disorder offense.

ISIS hacker killed in air strike