Israel Could Have Carried Three Bombing Attacks on Iran

The other, reflected in the complaint, is that the deal does nothing to limit – and might even encourage – Iranian aggression across the Middle East. Israeli officials warn that Tehran will direct billions of the dollars it will reap from an end to economic sanctions towards its anti-Israel proxies in the region. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of a fraud is “something that is meant to look like the real thing in order to trick people“. Rev. Al Sharpton called on Black churches to support the Iran deal, as are a group of 340 rabbis, as well as Catholic bishops and Quaker groups. My hope is that America does not squander this negotiated opportunity.


-No American or Canadian inspectors will be allowed into Iran.

-Iran can object to any inspection and delay it at least 24 days and, according to the Wall Street Journal, up to three months. By contrast, many Israelis and Jews around the world, including myself, oppose these settlements.

Carson spoke out strongly against the Iran nuclear deal in July, warning that it puts the “whole country in jeopardy” and represents “a complete lack of common sense”.

Obama also told Nadler that the United States would “accelerate the ongoing collaborative research and development for tunnel detection and mapping technologies…to detect and destroy tunnels before they can be used to threaten Israeli civilians”.

Iran’s intentions not only toward Israel but also toward all Western assets and interests in the region, were also telegraphed by Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehqan on Friday. Why do those secrets between Iran and the United Nations simply not invalidate this agreement?

I knew before I visited Israel that the Iran nuclear deal was bad for the American people, but this trip has further reinforced my concerns.

Meanwhile, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei published a 416-page book earlier this month outlining the destruction of Israel, referring to the Jewish state as an ally of “the American Great Satan”. It appears to be an honest position, though, given that it reflects the fact that there is not a universal opinion among American Jews about whether the deal should go forward. “Jews are a very liberal, Democratic constituency that supports the agreement and supports Obama, and the broad mass of Jews are not eager to do what Netanyahu asks against the Democratic president”. Take the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in Greece, feeding off the despair of austerity; take the antisemitic Jobbik party in Hungary, which one in five Hungarians voted for a year ago; take the foul intolerance of murderous Islamic fundamentalism.

Passing an AUMF might hurt as much as it helps, or even hurt more.

One such side deal was recently revealed by the Associated Press, showing that Iran itself would be tasked with collecting photographs and videos of the Parchin nuclear base, as well as obtaining soil samples from the site and providing equipment for “technical verification” by the IAEA. I have no doubt in the ability of these individuals to stand up against the radical terrorists who continue to attack Israel.

Condemning the “flawed” nuclear deal, Board of Deputies president Jonathan Arkush said: “We are fearful that Western democracies will pay a very heavy price for their appeasement to a rogue dictatorship and will come to regret bitterly the enthusiasm to reach an accommodation with an utterly cruel and untrustworthy regime”. But what about Israel, where support among key figures for deep-sixing the nuclear deal is self-evident? Along with all the money he can bring to the table, he can claim that he speaks simultaneously for Israel and American Jewry.

When challenged over whether or not that made Obama anti-Semitic, as Carson suggested, he replied: “I think anything is anti-Semitic that is against the survival of a state that is surrounded by enemies, and by people who want to destroy them”.

Ya’alon joined other critics of the Iran nuclear deal in saying that it would directly result in Iran increasing its funding for terrorist groups, including those operating on Israel’s border. But Congressional Democrats say they have the necessary votes to sustain the veto. One presumes that most of these people also believe that pulling all our troops out of Iraq was good for America.


To conclude my answer on a positive note, though, I do believe there is a way to move on. They are incommensurate experiences, both productive of long-term historical trauma.

200 retired US generals lobby Congress to reject Iran deal