Israel passes legislation to detain Jewish terror suspects without trial

JERUSALEM (AP) – Israel’s defense minister has signed an order that will keep a Jewish extremist in jail for six months without charges or trial.


Ya’alon informed the Shin Bet intelligence agency that he approves using administrative detention to crack down on suspected nationalist extremists, officials said. The terror attack was unanimously condemned by the entirety of Israel’s leadership and Parliament, drawing a sharp distinction from Palestinian leadership, which, following jihadi attacks, sometimes glorifies Arab terrorists as martyrs.

Nasser Qaws, the director of the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society in al-Quds, said that the Israeli forces detained a number of Palestinian worshipers as they were exiting the compound.

The head of a Jewish extremist group, Meir Ettinger, was arrested on Monday following the death of a Palestinian baby in a firebombing in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

With no arrests yet made for the arson, some Israeli commentators on Sunday questioned the resolve of security services which, when responding to Palestinian attacks, often round up suspects en masse as part of accelerated investigations.

The ministry further said that the Israeli forces shut down five gates of the compound in the Old City and set up barricades to search and inspect Palestinian worshipers at all the gates that remained open.

“Netanyahu expressed his condolences but we ask for protection for Duma and for other Palestinian villages”.

At a rally on Saturday night in Jerusalem Rivlin said: “A blatant disregard for the rule of law, for human dignity, for a love of mankind, for a love of Israel, and freedom of opinion, has spread within us and is wreaking havoc”. Why was Ali killed? What did he do to the settlers? He said four-year-old Ahmad’s condition had improved and he had regained consciousness.


Netanyahu last year rejected a proposal to deem perpetrators of “price tag” attacks as members of a terrorist organisation and to allow for their administrative detention, but they were deemed to be “illegal organisations”, which gives security officials more authority to monitor suspects.

Israel approves jailing Jewish militants without trial to resolve lethal arson