Israel Ready to Free Jailed Palestinian If Hunger Strike Ends

Confrontations erupted last week outside Barzilai between Palestinians and Israelis.


“If Allaan’s health does not improve, then his administrative detention will be canceled permanently”, Supreme Court spokesperson Ayelet Filo said. A prison guard paced at the door to the intensive-care unit; more guards kept watch inside. This would be the first instance of force-feeding since the controversial and illegal bill became law.

The law is strongly denounced by international activists and Israel’s Medical Association, with the latter considering force-feeding a form of torture and urges doctors not to participate in prisoner-forced-feeding.

The case of Mohammed Allan, 31, has been closely followed by Palestinians and has put intense pressure on Israeli authorities, who have detained him without charge since November.

While Allan was not well-known several weeks ago, his case has captured the attention of the Palestinian public and made international headlines.

The Israeli prison authority responded by declaring a state of emergency throughout the penal system, closing all sections, imposing a curfew on all prisoners and a ban on prisoners holding collective prayer.

He said Allan would be administered the substances his body is missing.

It fears his unconditional release would only encourage some 370 other Palestinian detainees held without charge to refuse food. He has been held by Israel without charges since November. The practice of administrative detention, which amounts to imprisonment without trial for safety reasons, has been criticized by human rights groups – though Israel says it is necessary for national security.

“The result will be that tomorrow all 300 administrative detainees will hold a hunger strike and be rewarded”, he said.

“The Arab community is overwhelmingly supportive of Allan because we are overwhelmingly supportive of the Palestinian cause for an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel“, MK Yousef Jabareen (Hadash) told The Jerusalem Post. He subsequently trained and practiced as a lawyer.

Doctors treating lawyer and prisoner Mohammad Allan, who has been on hunger strike for 65 days in protest of his administrative detention, reported that he suffered brain damage, calling on the Israeli higher court to temporarily suspend his detention.

Shortly before the discussion was opened, Israel’s Justice Ministry extended an offer to release Allan in exchange for his exile for four years.

On Tuesday, he regained consciousness and told his lawyers that he would stop consuming water within 24 hours if there was no acceptable deal to release hm.

He pointed in particular to Nidal Abu Akar, from Duheisha refugee camp near Bethlehem, a leader from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, who has served a total of nine years in administrative detention.


Some 340 Palestinians are currently held in administrative detention, and detainees have regularly gone on hunger strike to protest.

Hunger striking Palestinian prisoner gives Israel 24h to release him