Israeli forces strike stun grenade at Lebanese TV reporter

Israeli troops wounded Al Mayadeen journalist Hanaa Mahameed Sunday, while she was attempting to report on the killing of a Palestine youth Fadi Alloun by Isreali forces.


A colleague of Mahameed, Raed Sobies, told the Independent that Mahameed had “holes in her face and neck” and was advised by doctors to seek immediate medical attention. Screaming can then be heard and Ms Mahammed, wearing a “press” flak jacket, is shown wincing in pain with people running to her aid.

A female Lebanese TV journalist who carried on reporting shortly after being hit in the face by a stun grenade has been hailed for her bravery and professionalism.

Israeli forces arrested Alloun’s father, brother and uncle, despite no clear connection between the attack and the teenager’s relatives has been drawn.

Israeli police spokeswoman Luba Samri told The Daily Mail, the police responded with “riot dispersal means” and that “whoever is present with law-breaking rioters risks getting injured”. “We’ve been looking for someone to relieve her situation but it’s not easy”, he said of restrictions placed on reporters and the difficulty to get access approved by the Israeli government.

The parents of Alloun deny his involvement in the stabbing incident.


A few 300,000 Palestinians who live in the Jerusalem are usually free to enter the Old City in the east of the town, where major Muslim, Christian and Jewish holy sites are located.

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